Assembly Instructions

Display Cabinet Assembly Instructions


Step 1. Getting Started

  • Sort out all the pieces according to the parts list attached. The easiest way to make your new display cabinet is setting it up 80%, with it lying on the ground and standing it up when almost complete. Insert pieces from top to bottom, using the allen key provided to tighten each piece as you go.

Step 2. Build the Sides

  • Lay two Aluminium Uprights (R1) next to each other on the ground (one with light fittings, one without).
  • Slide down first horizontal cross piece (R2) and tighten.
  • Slide down a side board (B1).
  • Slide down second horizontal cross piece (R2) and tighten.
  • Slide down the glass shelf supports (A2) to the desired heights.
  • Insert 1 x P1 and 2 x P2 into Aluminium Joinery.
  • Slide Large Glass panel (G1) into the cabinet frame.
  • Insert P1 into R3, slide down and tighten.

You have now completed building one side of your display unit. Follow the same process for the opposite side. NOTE – place R1 with light fixtures on the opposite side when building your second cabinet side.

Step3. Build the Back

  • Place your two completed sides next to each other with the light fixtures to the ground and the opposite sides up towards the ceiling.
  • Follow the process of Step 2 to complete the back of the display unit.

 Step 4. Build the Front

  • Slide down R4 and tighten.
  • Attach the door hinges (A1) to cabinet door (D1).
  • Slide down R5, align with cabinet door and tighten.
  • Stand Cabinet up
  • Attach the door hinges (A1) to cabinet door (D2).
  • Slide down R6, align with glass door and tighten.

Step 5. Finishing Off

  • Place your two base boards (B2) into the cabinet
  • Place your glass shelves (G2) into the cabinet
  • Insert Lights (A4)
  • Attach Locks on cabinets (A3)
  • Push in Top caps (A6)
  • Plug in Transformer plug (A5)

Congratulations! You have now finished setting up your Easy Az Display Cabinet. For any queries please feel free to give us a call on 0800 101630.


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